Gragnano in Corsa IGP Tortiglioni Pasta

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  • Size:500 gr.
  • Certification:IGP Gragnano
  • Region:Campania
  • MPN8080054000258


Modern and Traditional are the keywords for Gragnano in Corsa.

A relatively young company Gragnano in Corsa is doing great work with the traditions of pasta-making in the famed designated IGP area of Gragnano.

Pasta di Gragnano IGP is produced only in the hillside town Gragnano, near Naples, using local water and bronze dies. The aroma is of ripe wheat and is an amazing aroma to entice while cooking. Crafted from durum wheat and local water (the specific mineral content makes a difference).

This artisan producer uses rough bronze dies and dries the pasta at low temperatures in the local mountain air. The drying often takes 2 days! The result is a high quality, perhaps longer-cooking pasta, with a rough surface to absorb the flavor of the sauces.

Let's describe this shape. At Gragnano in Corsa, Tortiglioni is a large spiral or spring. It can be subsituted for rotini and cavatappi. (Other producers have a tortiglioni that is a ridged tube...). Families will enjoy this shape as it is exuberant and fun. It is idea for a ragu or Bolognese. This also makes a delightful pasta salad.

Cooking Time: 8 minutes

Set forth by the EU in 2010, the IGP mark is fairly new. The EU assigns the IGP mark to agricultural food which are linked to a geographical origin basing on unique characteristics and production phases; this implies the respect of straight production rules indicated in the "disciplinari".
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