Il Boschetto, Arrabbiata Blend

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  • Region:Tuscany
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Il Boschetto Herb and Spice Blends bring a fresh, flavorful, and zesty fun to your Italian cooking. These authentic selections come from the Maremma area of Grosseto in southern Tuscany. The foods of Tuscany include pulses (legumes, especially dried beans), vegetables, fine cheese, and top quality meats and bread. This simple fare is at its best with the clean flavors of herbs as the main seasonings, especially in rural Tuscany.

You can make a famous Italian dish with this spice blend of chili pepper and garlic. The famous sauce is made with garlic, tomatoes, red chili, and olive oil. Use this as a base with tomatoes and Tuscan olive oil! This is truly for the spicy, peppery fans of good Italian pasta. Add a pinch for a powerful burst of flavor. Keep this on hand for adding a dose of the devil to your favorite needs-more-spice dishes.

Ingredients: Chile pepper, garlic

Contains sulfites.

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