Italian Embassy Trio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

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  • Bottle Size:3 x 500 ml
  • Certification:DOP Valli Trapanesi (Titone) Organic (Titone and Primus)
  • Harvest: 2019
  • Region:Tuscany, Trentino, Sicily
  • Tasting Notes: a great way to expand your olive oil knowledge with notable olive oils
  • Rating: 100


Celebrate great olive oils with this Trio served at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC on 26 June 2019. These great oils have achieved very exclusive ratings in the world of fine olive oil. Gift Boxed with descriptive brochure.

Titone DOP - Ercole Olivario 2020 2nd Place, Medium Fruity DOP

Flos Olei 2019 (ratings 97/100 - 99/100)

OlioCRU Limina from the northern shores of Lake Garda, and the name means border in Latin. This is the area where Lake Garda, Trentino, Lombardia, and Veneto meet. Enjoy this balanced yet spicy selection.

The oil is a fantastic blend of four olive cultivars: Casaliva, Leccino, Frantoio, and Grignano. Casaliva and Grignano are the more noted olives of the area, while Leccino and Frantoio are better known in Tuscany and south. 

The flavor notes are fresh, green, and spicy. All in balance. Our in-store customer have enjoyed this with hearty greens, such as kale or radicchio. We think it is also magical on great pasta, beans -- or both!

Fattoria Ramerino Guadagnolo Primus Organic: Multi-Award winner. Primus is pressed from the earliest olives and is full of intensity.

The aroma is of fresh olives and green grass. Primus brings forth an intensely spicy and bitter combination. With the fruity green olive taste, you may note hints of grass and artichoke. The blend is unique in our collection: Moraiolo (60%), Frantoio (20%), Leccino (10%), and altri or other (10%).

We recommend this with the local foods of Tuscany: ribollita, bean soups, grilled meats, and cooked vegetables. In each case, finishing with Primus will elevate your recipe.

Titone Bio DOP Valli Trapanesi: 

Grassy, fresh, and fruity. Unfiltered. "Biologica" Organic Extra Virgin Oil from Trapani.

Always a favorite, the new Titone opens a bit sweet and definitely grassy, and brings forth several characteristics including green banana and eucalyptus. You can count on a strong finish. The oil has the taste and aroma typical of the best Valli Trapanesi oils. Crafted from nocellara and cerasuola olives that are harvested and crushed separately in October and November.

Aroma: Grassy, herbaceous, perhaps a bit of apple
Taste: Pungent, peppery, bitter, elements of artichoke, something citrusy, and thoughts of rosemary 
Serve with: tomatoes (of course!), fresh cheeses, roasted meats. 

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