Lunica del Mugello Marroni Chestnut Tacconi

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  • Size:250 gr.
  • Region:Tuscany
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Tacconi with Chestnut Flour from Tuscany. From Mugello in Tuscany, north east of Florence.

Artisan hand-crafted with bronze dies. This is a blend of chestnut flour and semolina di grano dura, and it has an amazing aroma and appeal. 

Tacconi are ruffled squares. These are irregularly shaped pasta, with delightful ruffles. 

We recommend this with a sauce including crumbled sausage or pancetta, or perhaps just butter and parmigiano or olive oil and parmigiano. Other flavor pairings include mushrooms, especially porcini, and beans such as chick peas and borlotti.

Cooking Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients: Semolina di grano duro, farina di marroni (20%), water. 

Ingredients grown and processed in Italy. Contains wheat. May contain traces of chestnut shells.

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