Lunica del Mugello Marroni allo Sciroppo - Beati - Chestnuts in Syrup

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  • Size:330 gr
  • Region:Tuscany
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Lunica del Marroni are presented in a sweet syrup for this very special treat. These marroni, a special species of chestnut, are grown north east of Florence in the area known as Mugello. 

Candied chestnuts in syrup are a delicious treat. These are perfectly prepared so they are rich, soft, and yet firm. 

These chestnuts are ideal on a cheese board, or served with a creamy dessert, including cheesecake, or served with yogurt or ice cream. Spoon onto ice cream or a basic cake. 

Ingredients: Boiled chestnuts, sugar, water, natural vanilla flavor.

Best by 15 December 2022.

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