Masseria Mirogallo Passata di Pomodori Strained Tomatoes

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  • Size:500 g
  • Region:Basilicata
  • UPC793232517018


Enjoy a fresh pasta meal in minutes with this sauce from Mirogallo. These tomatoes are farm fresh and blanched in boiling water for minimal processing. They are passed through a sieve and strained, making this the perfect base for delicious sauces. This passata is a puree of fresh strained tomatoes. 

This will save you time in the kitchen. Just as your Italian cousins do, use this simply as the base for a sauce cooked with onion or garlic, plus basil. 

They select tomatoes that are tasty, rich, and pulpy to create this passata di pomodoro, a quick tomato sauce, ready for your touch. Simple clear flavor of sweet tomatoes ready for your pasta, pizza, and meals enhanced by rich tomatoes. 

540 gr/19 oz, crafted from tomatoes from the Lucana Valley near Matera in Basilicata.

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