Mieli Thun Artisan Eucalyptus Honey

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  • Size:250 gr
  • Region:Trentino
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Mieli Thun Artisan Eucalyptus Honey from nomadic beekeeping.

Andrea Paternoster’s Mieli Thun Eucalyptus honey is a crystallized honey with a strong personality. This delight is most often raw siena in color, it can also be found in differing shades of hazelnut.

It smells of stock cube broth, dried porcini mushrooms and animal; it has a licorice aroma and, at times, a slightly smoked smell.

Typically sweet, on the tongue it gives the impression of saltiness with average acidity, very intense and lingering. It closes with a balsamic vinegar finish.

This is ideal for all dishes with aromatic herbs and officinal plants. It’s also enjoyed with tapas, finger foods, and sushi! The producer also recommends it with medium mature pecorino but also all mixed sheep’s cow’s cheeses matured in hay or caves. Add a small spoonful to an ancient wheat beer, and of course, serve with chamomile tea graced with a bay leaf.

Honey should not be fed to children under one year of age.

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