Mieli Thun Artisan Thistle Honey

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  • Size:250 gr
  • Region:Tuscany
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Mieli Thun Artisan Thistle Honey from nomadic beekeeping. This is also know as Cardo or Cardoon.

 Mieli Thun monofloral honeys are a result of Andrea Paternoster’s nomadic beekeeping. With respect for the natural flowering cycles, Andrea travels from north to south Italy with his bees. The result are these unique and exotic honeys where each flower is highlighted. 

Italian honey is classified and labeled according to origin, variety of blossom, or method of extraction. The flavor and aroma of honey is specific to the variety of flora from which the nectar is gathered by the bees. As with wine and olive oil, the terrior also matters as the soil composition, climate, air quality and time of harvest impact the flavors, fructose levels, and consistency of the honey.

Mieli Thun Monofloral Honeys are produced without pasteurization or additives. In this way Andrea is able to capture the pure fragrance and flavor of each flower species in the respective honey.

This is the Thistle Honey, from Italian Cardo or Cardoon flowers. the color is a golden, orange-toned yellow, bringing forth undertones of chrysanthemum and herbs. It is typically a thicker honey. 

Recommended with goat cheeses and pecorino. Try a dessert plate with Pecorino, pears, and apples. Perfect for yogurt or tea. 

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