Monserrato 1973 Trio 2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml. x 3
  • Certification:Organic
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Campania
  • Rating: 95
  • PronunciationMohn-sir-RAH-toe Or-TEE-chay


This curated collection won’t be found elsewhere. It contains three full size (500 ml) bottles of gorgeous olive oil from Monserrato 1973 in Campania: Satanasso, Manalonga, and Ortice Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The olive groves reside in the area of Benevento, 50 km northeast of Naples. The groves are on a gentle hillside with southern exposure, and the rows run north to south. This setting aids in keeping the soil warm and steady for the olive trees.

This set includes Monserrrato 1973’s Satanasso, Manalonga, and Ortice. The names of all are tied to Italian superstitions!

Manalonga (noted by the blue label) is the spirit of the wells. It is a mystical reference to the idea that if you look to the bottom of a well, it grabs you and pulls you down.

Manalonga is fruity with notes of delicate green olive with very clean herbaceous, floral, and fruity notes (apple and almond). On the palate it has a sweet entrance enlivened by a delicate bitterness that embodies freshness. In the finish you will note a slight yet persistent spiciness.

Recommended pairings: White meats, pasta with fish, raw fish, risotto with fish, vegetable soups, seafood appetizers, and dessert preparations.

Satanasso (in the red label) commands that you dance, then you can eat, and that everyone has fun and enjoyment.
This selection is spicy, lively, and lightly fruity, in alignment with the lighthearted, party connotations.

This is medium-fruity and herbaceous with sweet notes of fruit (featuring almond, apple) with aromatic notes of bitter vegetables, especially artichoke. On the palate the entrance is sweet and then balanced as both bitter and spicy notes are perceived.

Pair this with pizza, grilled vegetables, pasta with tomato, baked meat, grilled fish, mixed salads, and well-structured risotto.

Ortice (with the gold label) is the lord of the table: the perfect combination of spicy and bitter that does not fear superstitions.

Ortice is a monocultivar and is well known in the area of Sannio. The characteristics include the fruitiness of medium intensity, accompanied by herbaceous elements, and notes of green almonds, unripe tomato, artichoke and fruit. A recent winner of Grande Olio Slow - 2021.

The olfactory profile is complex, yielding pleasant bitterness, the taste of artichokes and tomatoes, and a lively spicy finish.

We can think of many dishes that are enhanced by Ortice. Roasted meats and vegetables come to mind, as well as steamed spinach, broccoli and cauliflower, caprese salad, soups (especially soups of legumes), pasta with vegetables, and vegetable pinzimonio. Certainly Margherita pizza!

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