Moretti Taragna Polenta with Buckwheat

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  • Region:Bergamo
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Enjoy this typical polenta of the Valtellina and the Alpine valleys north of Brescia and Bergamo, Taragna is coarse Bramata polenta blended with nutty buckwheat flour. In Italy it is commonly known as "polenta nera" (black polenta).

Bring 2 quarts (2 liters) of water to a boil, preferably in a copper pot. Add a tablespoon of salt. Pour the package of Taragna slowly and whisk vigorously until well-blended in order to avoid lumping. Once bubbling, lower the flame and continue to stir for 30-45 minutes with a wooden spoon.

Taragna polenta is usually served runny and very fluid, in soup bowls. Add cubes of Fontina, Taleggio or Castelmagno cheese, or top with sausages or a pork ragu'.


Rachael Ray has a recipe with Moretti Taragna here

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