Mugolio, Exquisite Pine Bud Syrup from Primitivizia

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  • Region:Trentino Alto Adige
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As seen in the April 2010 issue of Oprah Magazine. "Dig In!" Featuring favorite foods found on the web.

Make a new discovery for your favorite foodie with a gift of Mugolio, pine cone bud syrup, from forests in the Dolomites. This special syrup has been collected from the buds of Mugo pines, growing wild. You can add to their creativity, suggest that they serve it with goat cheese, pears, and apples. A natural syrup, like maple, but reminiscent of rosemary, and delicately pine.

Mugolio comes to us from Primitivizia. Primitivizia is a play on the word for primitive, which is what Eleonora Cunacia had in mind when starting her company in 2004. She left the restaurant business and went back to her “roots” and the lessons she learned from her grandmother on longs walks in the fields and forests of the Dolomite mountains, in the Italian Alps. Her grandmother taught her to identify, harvest and cook the wild hers and greens along their pathway. She now harvests herbs, berries, pine resin, and roots in a progressive pattern starting in early spring at the bottom of the valley. Each day’s harvest is prepared and crafted into think cream-like sauces by her brother Giovanni. Many of these wild culinary ingredients are protected and require a permit to pick even limited quantities. Permits are only issued to residents of the national park, which make these products even more special.

The Mugo pine is a shrub or small round pyramidal plant growing 4 to 10 feet tall. Mugo pines grow best in moist loam soil in sun to partial shade. The Alps are an ideal growing environment: high altitude, crisp air and filtered sun. At the end of May the trees grow new pine cones and gems (buds). After pollination of the gems they are picked and put in glass pots that are then left in full sunshine until late autumn. The liquid that is formed is filtered and sugar is added. The resulting syrup is then cooked over a slow fire until golden in color and with heightened pine flavor.

Quite delicate in flavor Mugolio is best enjoyed over ricotta cheese, Panna Cotta, or with lightly sauteed apples finished with a drizzle of Mugolio and mascarpone. Other ideas are to enjoy drizzled over gelato with fresh peaches. Makes a most unusual vinaigrette. Add a few drops to your favorite chicken or turkey, fresh from the oven. Perhaps even with tea?

A recipe for Poached Pears with Mugolio and Mascapone can be found here on the web site of Adri Barr Crocetti.

Ingredients: water, sugar, pine bud extract
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