Olio Beato Extra Virgin 100% Organic 2021 Harvest (750 ml.)

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  • Bottle Size:750 ml.
  • Certification:Organic, Orthodox Union Seal
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Puglia
  • Rating: 93
  • Pronunciationoh-lee-oh bay-AH-to
  • UPC854850001027


This extra virgin oil is made in the province of Bari, in the Puglia region, in the traditional way but using organic farming methods. It has received the USDA certification as Organic and also carries the Orthodox Union seal. Olio Beato is made exclusively from olives harvested in the countryside of the famous Valley of Bari. According to experts, thse olives are rich with 70 aromas. You'll find this olive oil to be rich and fresh-- organic, raw, and extra virgin with the Puglia pepper punch. This is very popular with customers seeking the health benefits of hydroxytyrosol. 

Inspected by agronomists, the olives arrive at the mill within 24 hours for pressing. This timely and quality-controlled process conserves the taste and the healthy virtue of the Puglia soils. Olio Beato is unfiltered, so please shake well for full flavor.

Olio Beato Unfiltered Olive Oil has won first prize in the "Virgin Olive Oils" category in the International Extra Virgin Olive Oils Quality Contest, in Mora (Toledo, Spain). Use this first cold pressed, unfiltered, Kosher, oil year round for salads and other cold dishes or as a finishing oil. Imported by Pietro DeMarco of Scarsdale, NY.

This olive oil is very popular among the readers of Barry Sears' book, The Anti-Inflammation Zone.

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