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Olivella Body Lotion with Pump

Olivella Body Lotion with Pump OLL-012
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Olivella Body Lotion with Pump

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Olivella's Body Lotion has a rich texture, with a hint of citrus scent. Wit Vitamins C and E. You will find you enjoy using it in cold seasons to ward off the tendency of dry skin.

Great for all skin types, Olivella Body Lotion hydrates your skin without leaving any oily residue. Its quick absorption is due to the use of 100% virgin olive oil. This mildly citrus scented body cream is best when used after your shower, as the opening of your skin pores, allows it to penetrate deeply and leave you feeling soft and smooth throughout the day.

500 ml (16.9 oz)

Ingredients: water, olea europea, fruit oil, cetearyl, alcohol, glycerin, olea europea leaf extract, olive oil. Please call for complete list of ingredients if you have specific concerns. 

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so good so good...easy on absorbs on contact
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