Olivella Face & Body Soap Bar

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Gentle bath and beauty soap made with high concentrations of vitamins and natural antioxidants found in virgin olive oil. Olivella soap treats your skin to the healthy benefits of virgin olive oil, with a earthy herbal green scent, characteristic of the Mediterranean. Olivella soap is hypoallergenic and Certified Kosher! Made in Italy.

Olivella Soap has a mild, earthy herbal green scent, characteristic of the Mediterranean, it is made in the Umbria region of Italy - right where the olives are grown.

Each Olivella bar soap is delicately single boxed and carefully handled with care. Its packaging was designed with neutral and olive green color to bring out its natural elements.

Olivella bar soap is the only soap made of 100% virgin olive oil. It preserves intact the precious elements of olive oil, increasing them tenfold! To keep this bar long lasting, please let the bar dry between uses.

150 gr, 5.29 oz
Ingredients of Olivella Bar Soap - Sodium Olivate (saponified virgin olive oil), Water (Acqua), Glycerin (from virgin olive oil), Fragrance (Parfum).
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