Olivieri Ciambelle Nonna Miranda

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  • Size:450 gr
  • Region:Veneto


These baked goods are very popular!

Ciambella is the typical grandma biscuit that scents the house just out the oven. It’s suitable for different occasions like breakfast and afternoon snack.

It is a favorite breakfast treat, afternoon snack, and popular dessert. 

Grandma Mirande, of the third generation of the Olivieri family, conceived it in the 1970s. It’s a mild and crumbly shortcrust pastry with an authentic flavor. Olivieri uses Belgian butter, eggs laid by free range hens, Italian wheat flours and Tahiti Bourbon vanilla beans. A few simple ingredients, of the highest quality come together in this 100% artisanally made treat. The ingredients are worked together one by one, by following a meticulous sequence, in order to obtain the peculiar crumbliness of the ciambella.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sugar Butter, Fresh milk, Eggs, Baking yeast, Egg Yolk, Salt, Lemon peel, Tahitian bourbon vanilla. Allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs.

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