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Pastificio Vicidomini Orecchie del Prete

Pastificio Vicidomini Orecchie del Prete VCD-042

Pastificio Vicidomini Orecchie del Prete

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  • Size:500 gr.
  • PronunciationPAH-sta Fee-CHEE-oh VEE-chee-DO-mee-nee
  • Region:Campania
  • UPC80130499

Now in the US and with very limited availability, Vicidomini pasta comes to us from Castel San Giorgio, near Naples, in Campania. This family business that has been making pasta since 1812. Now the 6th generation is involved in crafting this high quality artisanal pasta.

These pastas are made with bronze dies in the classic shapes of traditional Italian pastas and are well packaged in strong bags, adorned with a blue and white logo. The pastas are made with high quality semolina (certified organic) and mountain water and they are very patiently dried on site.

The processing with special bronze instruments enhances the handcrafted characteristics providing a rougher surface for the pasta to absorb the tomato “ragù” sauce and other sauces, The typical dishes from Castel San Giorgio would include meat balls of San Biagio (with bread and veal and pork).

These are Orecchie del Prete - which translates nicely as priests' ears! The common term is orecchiete. Orecchie del Prete - Priests' Ears - are often served with brocoli rabe, cauliflower, and tomatoes, singly or in combination.

Please enjoy “al dente”. Please don’t overcook. Cooking time: 12-14 minutes.

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