Pitzinnas Sardinian Thistle Honey

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  • Size:400 gr
  • Region:Sardinia
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Was $27.85. Now on Sale. Best Buy December 2022. Buzzing around thistle plants (close relatives of artichokes), Sardinian bees produce this divine honey. This honey has a strong character and decisive flavor.

Pitzinnas Thistle Honey has a very intense and rich aroma, with an important floral note. It is sweet and pleasant, with a stronger aroma that recalls leather; some note aromas reminiscent of cinnamon. The flavors and aromas are complex and it is presented on the palate — both consistent and persistent —with a sweet and characteristic taste.

Thistle Honey it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is a protector of the digestive system as it promotes the digestion process. Our Sardinian friends also tell us this is a precious ally of the cardiovascular system.

Europeans appreciate honey of all varieties and understand the unique characteristics whether liquid or crystalized. 

Honey should not be fed to children under one year of age.

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