Posardi Sardinian Finely Chopped Tomatoes

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  • Size:500 g
  • Region:Sardinia
  • UPC856191007096


Posardi’s chopped tomatoes are homegrown in the tropical sun and mineral rich Sardinian soil, Posardi tomatoes have a fresh subtle sweetness that sets them apart from other tomatoes.

The tomatoes are grown and bottled in Sardinia, where they are graced by the sun from warm breezes and rooted in a Sardinian soil rich in minerals. You will taste the difference!

This will save you time in the kitchen. Just as your Italian cousins do, use this simply as the base for a sauce cooked with onion or garlic, plus basil. 

680 gr/24 oz, crafted from  Sardinian tomatoes. Tomatoes, tomato concentrate, salt.

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