Quattrociocchi Grilled Aubergine Eggplant

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  • Size:320 gr
  • Region:Lazio
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Melanzane Grigliati

Your antipasto platter is complete when you add these luscious slices of eggplant. Other ideas? Add to a cheeseboard, as a layer in a great sandwich with salami, Parma ham, and cheese. These are also divine as a pizza topping. Add chopped eggplant to a frittata. Then, use the remaining oil as a marinade for chicken!

Ingredients: Eggplant (aubergines, 65%), Quattrociocchi extra virgin olive oil, salt, chili pepper, parsley, wine vinegar. Contains traces of sulfites.

You might not know you’ve been waiting for these! This most desirable eggplant is grown in Lazio, on the estate of Americo Quattrociocchi. They are grilled and immersed in his signature extra virgin olive oil and spices. This grilled eggplant is an excellent appetizer or topping for bruschetta and pizzas.

Refrigerate after opening.

320 gr.

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