Quattrociocchi Olivastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 (100 ml)

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  • Bottle Size:100 ml.
  • Certification:organic
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Lazio
  • Tasting Notes: medio-intenso with notes of herbs and grass
  • Rating: 95
  • PronunciationKwa-troh-chee-OH-kee
  • UPC8032601613114


The Quattrociocchi Olivastro bottling is produced exclusively from organic olives grown on the Quattrociocchi Estate southeast of Rome, near Frosinone in Lazio.

With the excellent growing conditions and the skill in milling, the olives release an oil that is categorized as medio-intenso in aroma, with fruity notes that are full of aroma, with notes that are vegetal, grassy, and herbaceous. The flavor dances through vegetable notes with a strong finish.

We think this is an excellent selection with salads of field greens, as well as with vegetables boiled, steamed or roasted. And, with fish, it is recommended with both broiled and fried. We also think it is outstanding for a homemade mayonnaise.

At this size it is the perfect introduction to quality olive oil – and it is ideal for travel.

Flos Olei 2022 (100/100)

Flos Olei 2022 Hall of Fame - Quattrociocchi

Gold Award - 2021 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

Flos Olei 2021 Hall of Fame - Quattrociocchi

Gambero Rosso Tre Foglie2021

SOL d'Oro 2021 - Bronze Medal, Fruttati Intensi, Northern Hemisphere

BIOL 2020 Extra Gold

Gold Award - 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

The Wall Street Journal, 10 January 2019, page D5: Najmieh Batmanglij. The cookbook author dishes... "My pantry is always stocked with Olio Quattrociocchi Olivastro, an organic olive oil..." and further recommends its wonderful use in salads.

The Quattrociocchi family has been growing olives since the year 1888, their passion handed down through generations. The family farm, the Quattrociocchi home for generations, is located among centuries old olive groves on the Alatri hills, in the heart of the Ciociaria area of Lazio, southeast of Rome.

The entire product processing cycle takes place on the farm which sets the standards for organic family: from growing and harvesting the olives to the crushing, all steps are completed directly in the farm’s own oil mill. The oil is then stored in steel silos, where it remains until bottling.

A light green oil with golden notes. It is intensely fruity with elements of fresh herbs enhanced by notes of cardoon and green tomato. Bitterness and spiciness are well balanced, yet the spicy characteristic is persistent.

Best on fresh green salads, pinzimonio, roasted and grilled vegetables, broiled and grilled fish, and pasta.

Tasting Notes: We love Olivastro's herbacous notes! We found it to have a beautiful aroma, possess vegetale and herbaceous notes, with lingering spicy/peppery notes. This oil has just slight bitter notes.

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