Ravida Sicilian Lemon Olive Oil Condimento

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  • Bottle Size:250 ml.
  • Region:Sicily
  • Rating: 95
  • PronunciationRah-vee-DAH
  • UPC8019995511257


Flos Olei 2020 (92/100)

Legions of Ravida fans have been thrilled with this new condimento selection featuring the fresh flavor of lemons dancing with Ravida's famous olive oil. 

Organic lemons from the Ravida estate bring the citrusy and fruity flavor to the Biancollila olive oil. 

The family recommends this favorite on fish, green leaf salads, and simple pasta dishes. The fragrances and flavors of Sicilian lemons are best drizzled over salads, fish, and carpaccio. 

Compose a fresh, flavorful salad with baby lettuce, romaine, and arugula. Add pine nuts, and toss with the Lemon Ravida and Ravida Red Wine Vinegar. 

Flos Olei 2018 (92/100)

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