Rustichella Cherry Panettone

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A holiday tradition for those who grew up in Italy or in Italian-American households. A unique Rustichella d'Abruzzo buttery dome-shaped rich brioche bread Panettone studded with candied Amarene (black Morello cherries) scented with natural vanilla. The brioche is made with a special natural yeast and the dough rises three times, or almost 20 hours, before baking. This true Italian artisanal tradition is wrapped in a lively red paper and due to its nature, available in limited quantities. A generous 750 gram size.

Panettone has a long history and many stories of its creation. We particularly like the legend of the court of the Sforzas, whereby the court cook had no cake to offer on Christmas. Instead the guests were served a sweet bread baked by a kitchen boy named Toni, and in praise the bread was named after him.

Panettone dough rises over several days to achieve the soft yet stranded texture. This long curing of the dough, with the addition of dried or candied fruit brings forth a wonderful texture and fragrance.

Panettone is traditionally served for dessert on Christmas, with a glass of dessert wine or a bit of bubbly, often with trays laden with cookies, torrone and panforte. Some prefer it on the table at brunch. Panettone can be warmed for a few minutes in a very hot oven and served with creme anglaise or fresh cream whisked with mascarpone. Later in the season, use the last of it for the best French Toast you have ever had.

Our panettone is moist and sweet, crafted in Italy by artisan bakers. Slice into wedges to serve.

Ingredients: Candied sour black cherries 25% (sour black cherries, sugar, glucose syrup, water acidifying citric acid, cherry juice concentrate, color, aromas) wheat flour, fresh eggs, butter natural yeast, surgar, egg yolk, skim milk powder, natural vanilla extract, sorbic acid. May contain traces of nuts.
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