Rustichella Fiori di Zucca Torchio Pumpkin Pasta

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  • Size:500 gr.
  • Region:Abruzzo
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Put some pumpkin in your pasta. With Fiori di Zucca, Rustichella d'Abruzzo introduces the pumpkin torchio, a new pasta made with 30% pumpkin purée and durum wheat semolina.

A new taste in a classic shape, Pumpkin Torchio cooks perfectly al dente with the chewy bite that we love so much. Its vivid orange color holds up very well when cooking and the naturally sweet, almost buttery taste of the pumpkin lends itself perfectly to any cheesy or meaty combination. Try it when making a mac & cheese or a casserole. Torchio ("press") is a torch-like shape that will cup sauce beautifully. Highly recommended with sausage too.

The pastas are made with high quality semolina and and they are very patiently dried on site. The texture is rough to capture the flavor of the pasta and sauce. While Rustichella calls this shape Torchio, it is similar in shape to the Gigli.

Ingredients: 30% pumpkin puree, durum wheat semolina, sweet red pepper.

Please enjoy “al dente”. Cooking time 8-10 minutes. Please don’t overcook.

No dyes or preservatives.
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