San Giuliano Organic Bitter Orange Marmalade

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  • Size:460 gr. / 16.2 oz.
  • Region:Sicily
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The products of Marchesi di San Giuliano are crafted entirely by hand, to bring forth the best qualities of each honey and jam. The 22-acre estate boasts fertile soil and abundant citrus trees. The result is an absolutely natural marmalade that stands out for its superior flavor and intense fragrance.

Open, stir, and be inspired by the aroma of an orange grove. Don't wait. Dip a spoon for a taste. Bitter orange, sweetened with a touch of sugar. These are the only ingredients!

This top quality marmalade comes to us from the area between Catania and Siracusa on the eastern coast of Sicily. The ancient farm and castle date back 800 years, and some of the orange trees are producing after hundreds of years. Organic production.

When the marmalade and jams are made, they are done so with only fresh fruit, never chilled, slowly cooked with sugar and lemon juice. No thickeners or preservatives are ever used. The high proportion of fruit ensures a traditional taste and texture.
Ideas? Marmalades are ideal on slices of freshly toasted bread, excellent eaten warm, with a drop of brandy, or as a topping on rich vanilla or honey ice cream or gelato. Serve with breakfast breads, glaze roasted poultry or pork, serve on ice cream. Bake a crostata or holiday treats!

Ingredients: Blood Orange, Sugar.

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