Tenute Librandi Organic Dradista Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml
  • Certification:Organic
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Calabria
  • Rating: 96
  • PronunciationLee-BRAHN-di
  • UPC8054521191480


Flos Olei 2021 Farm of the Year  

It seems that we were destined to meet Michele and Angela Librandi to add their famous olive oil to our store. We had exchanged emails in the past, and certainly we had had requests for their oil from Calabria and we had a most fortunate meeting at Olio Capitale in Trieste.

They are both charming and enthusiastic as they share their family's exquisite organic extra virgin olive oil. What we found most difficult was determining which selections to import. Initially we chose Carolea as a fine representation of the traditions of Calabria and Nocellara for the craftsmanship. This year we added Dradista, a blend of Carolea, Coratina, and Nocellara.

Azienda Agricola Librandi Pasquale is located in Vaccarizzo Albanese in Cosenza, Calabria. With 27,000 trees and a mill on the property, they are able to mill within four hours of picking.

Dradista is medium fruity in aroma, obtained from olives harvested by hand, between October and November, and milled within six hours of harvesting, in the company's mill by means of a last generation continuous plant and cold extraction. Dradista is a filtered organic extra virgin olive oil.

Dradista is an excellent choice with grilled meat dishes, minestrone and legume soups, raw vegetables in pinzimonio.

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