Trappéto di Caprafico Intosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021

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  • Bottle Size:500 ml.
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Region:Abruzzo
  • Rating: 97
  • UPC8022183000228


Tommaso Masciantonio grows a rare tree in Abruzzo as he is reviving the Intosso olive in a small area of Casoli, Abruzzo, at the foothills of the Maiella Mountains. The Intosso tree thrives, even in the cooler temperatures, in a unique plateau rich in limestone soils. With Tommaso’s constant attention to production quality at every stage, the result is a unique and intensely nuanced olive oil.

The flavor characteristics seem unique in presentation and transition from a few bitter notes in the opening tastes to a delightful slightly spicy finish. 

The aromas entice with notes of freshly cut grass, green artichokes, citrus rind, spicy finish.  

So many meals will be delightful with this, especially those which incorporate roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. Ideal with legumes and it is perfect for a drizzle on ricotta. Other ideas include roasted lamb, pasta with broccoli and sausage, and marinated mussels. 

Gambero Rosso La Stella 2022 for 10 consecutive years of Tre Foglie

Flos Olei 2022 (99/100)

Grande Olio Slow - Slow Food 2021

Chiocciole - Slow Food Recognized Farm 2021

Gambero Rosso Special Prize 2021 - Olive Grower of the Year 

Gambero Rosso Tre Foglie 2021

Presidio Slow Food. Olivo Intosso di Casoli

SOL d'Oro 2020: Special Mention, Single Variety

Gambero Rosso Best Intense Fruity 2019

Bibenda, 5 Gocce (March 2019)

Il Magnifico EQOO (Extra Quality Olive Oil) 2 Stars

Flos Olei 2019 (96/100)

Sol d'Oro 2019 - Special Menzione 

Mediterranean olive culture has one of its most important Italian expressions here in Abruzzo, where entire landscapes have been carved out over the centuries between Adriatic Sea and Appenine Mountains.

Sig. Masciantonio’s estate and mill, Trappéto di Caprafico, are located in the town of Casoli, in the province of Chieti, with 40 hectares cultivated by his family. The farm is adjacent to the Maiella National Park, providing a pure and nurturing microclimate for the exceptional olive groves. Grown at 450 meters above sea level, the cultivars are Gentile di Chieti, Intosso, and Leccino. The farm has been producing with organic methods since 2004. With their own mill, the olives come quickly from the field to be pressed. The oil decants in stainless steel tanks, employed with nitrogen, to maintain the finest quality through bottling.

The cuisine of Abruzzo... Villa Santa Maria is celebrated as a home to the greatest cooks in Italy. History has it that nobles came here to escape the hot summers of the south. Each year there is a two-day festival in October, with a culinary competition. For centuries the Abruzzese shepherds drove flocks of sheep through Abruzzi and Apulia. The cuisine features lamb such as braised lamb shanks and pasta with lamb sauce. You'll also discover pasta with arugula (rocket) and tomato sauce -- and divine preparations of squash blossoms.

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