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Truffle and Porcini Trio, Infused Olive Oils

Truffle and Porcini Trio, Infused Olive Oils APP-004

Truffle and Porcini Trio, Infused Olive Oils

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  • Bottle Size:3 x 250 ml
  • Region:Umbria, Emilia-Romagna
  • Rating: NR
A gift set for mushroom and truffle lovers.

Close your eyes, inhale the aroma, you’ll be surrounded by the aromas of porcini mushrooms and divine truffles.

Truffles (tartufi) are an exceptional ingredient used in fine cuisine. Truffles are grown in limited areas, and are generally available only from late fall to midwinter. Their harvest depends on truffle hunters to be dug from the earth; they are very pricey ingredients.

Black Winter Truffle Oil: Umbrian black truffles are somewhat earthier and more pungent than their white counterparts from Alba. A few drops of truffle oil can make a good dish, unforgettable.

Truffle oils are excellent finishes on risotto, pasta, polenta, and cheese dishes. Add a few drops to simple garlic bread for a spectacular feast. Place as a condiment on the table, and your guests will enjoy the full aroma and experience that only truffles can bring.

White Truffle Oil: Italian olive oil infused with rare white truffles from Alba, the wine and truffle capital of Piemonte. White truffles are uncultivable and their harvest season in Alba runs from September through December, relying on dogs to locate the truffle which grows close to the roots of oaks, poplars, willows, and hazelnuts.

White truffle oil is somewhat milder than the earthy and pungent black truffle oil.

White truffle oil adds flavor and flair to pasta and of course, risotto. Try when cooking eggs, mashed potatoes, quiche, homemade truffle mayonnaise or with mushroom or polenta dishes.

Porcini Oil: The luxury of the natural flavor and full aroma of Porcini mushrooms, is captured in this round and smooth Italian extra virgin olive oil. With porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro, this hails from the gastronomic region of Emilia Romagna.

The porcini oil enhances all mushroom dishes and can be used also directly in place of fresh porcini. This classically Italian oil will add that warm woodsy depth to steaks, pasta and of course, risotto. Try when cooking eggs or drizzled on grilled chops.

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