Villa Manodori Essenziale Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Zenzero Ginger

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  • Bottle Size:250 ml.
  • Region:Emilia-Romagna
  • Rating: NR
  • PronunciationVIL-la man-no-DOR-ee
  • UPC8008015002523


With a very special Ginger (Zenzero) twist, this is a delightful extra virgin olive oil perfect for dipping, salads, and sauces.

Michelin-starred Chef Massimo Bottura commissioned one of Italy's best producers to create this oil he uses for his restaurant in Modena. Massimo Bottura is best known for his many successes at Osteria Francescana.

This bright, spicy and fragrant olive oil made with the essential oils from ginger that can be used to liven up meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. It's ideal on sushi and rice. Think FUSION! For your first taste, try it with a good crusty, rustic bread.

 This ginger oil from by 3-star Michelin Chef, Massimo Bottura is made from 100% natural essential oils.

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