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This panettone is a fresh twist on a classic recipe, Panettone filled with sweet Balsamic Glaze, only improving the traditional panettone, with intense flavor and studded with raisins. Customers rave about this one.
An Italian pantry would be incomplete without anchovies. One can see immediately the quality of this product: small plump, pink Sicilian anchovy fillets, cured for over 12 days in salt and marinated in high quality extra virgin olive oil. Ideal to use on salads or any other preparation where the anchovy fillet will be a "star".
Legions of Ravida fans have been thrilled with this new selection featuring the fresh flavor of lemons dancing with Ravida's famous olive oil. From the well-regarded estate oil from Sicily.
Ravida fans are dancing with joy with this new vinegar that pairs ever so nicely with their luscious olive oil. Produced in the Marsala area of Sicily, this special blend of the grape cultivars, Grillo and Catarratto, ferments and ages in wooden barrels for a minimum of four years before bottling.
Once again the Leonardi family is moving the world of vinegar forward with the creation of their Balsamic Pearls. You'll get a burst of balsamic vinegar with each bit of this "caviar". Place a few pearls atop a semi-soft cheese or vanilla ice cream to add a burst of acidic sweetness.
Femminello lemons are a favorite in Sicily, and all of Italy,and used in many foods and drinks, including Sicily's iconic limoncello. Enjoy this exquisite marmalade for breakfast, or whenever it strikes your fancy. A new favorite!
From the great producer, Quattrociocchi, comes this organic chile peperoncino infused extra virgin olive oil.
This Chianti Classico wine vinegar isbright and ruby red in appearance. It's 8.5% acidity gives it an intense and lively flavor. Aged 8 months in oak casks.
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