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Choose your best gift. Three, six, or twelve monthly shipments of Italy's Finest Olive Oil. Each monthly selection will be gift boxed. Detailed descriptions are included with each selection. Price includes shipping.
A two-box set of classic Italian amaretti cookies. Amaretti Mandorla and Amaretti Grappa! Was $20.75. Best by 20 May 2020.
We've been on the hunt for a good balsamic vinegar jelly and are thrilled with Balsamina. One of the best balsamico producers in Modena crafts this exquisite jelly. Crafted by the fantastico Acetaia Cattani, this is a great gift to enjoy.
Complete your gift -- and enhance your dinner salads -- with these 12” olive wood salad servers!
Tuscany. You may not know the name of Il Palagio, but we trust that you'll be interested in this fine new olive oil from the musician, Sting, and his wife, Trudy Styler, from their estate located near Figline Valdarno, southeast of Florence.
Once again Campania del Montale family has innovated with this creation of their Balsamic Pearls. You'll get a burst of balsamic vinegar with each bite of this "caviar". Place a few pearls atop a semi-soft cheese or vanilla ice cream to add a burst of acidic sweetness.
Produced especially for Dario Cecchini the famous, Dante-quoting butcher of Chianti. The notes are well balanced, medium intense and fruity. Enjoy this custom blend. Was $37.95. Best by December 2020.
IGP Sicilia is the latest development from Frantoi Cutrera in Sicily. This is a lush blend of Biancollila and Nocellara del Belice olives, native to Sicily. It is medium fruity with notes of tomatoes and artichokes. The finish has lingering bitter and spicy notes.
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