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Authentic Italian Pine Nuts. Rich, robust, untoasted Italian pinoli. Straight from Italian farmers. Available in limited quantities. Perfect for sauces, vegetables, salads, and desserts -- and unimpeded snacking!
Long time favorite! Badia a Coltibuono's famous Tuscan olive oil, produced since 1058. Enjoy the full fruity flavor and distinctive peppery aftertaste of this classic Tuscan selection.
Badia a Coltibuono's Classic Red Wine Vinegar -- a traditional vinegar.
We've been on the hunt for a good balsamic vinegar jelly and are thrilled with Balsamina. One of the best balsamico producers in Modena crafts this exquisite jelly. Crafted by the fantastico Acetaia Cattani, this is a great gift to enjoy.
Bartolini's Bean Soup cooks quickly allowing for a nutritious soup in a minimum of time. This mix includes pearl barley, lentils, occhio beans, azuki green beans, and broken green peas.
Luscious Bodrato Pralines in a bright red box. Beautiful chocolates from Italy make an ideal gift.
Aglio e Oglio Herb Blend is perfect for spicing things up! It's a classic blend for pasta and it is a favorite for bread dipping. You'll fine many enticing uses for this organic blend of parsley, chili peppers. sea salt, garlic and black pepper.
New from Sicily. 100% Organic, estate grown, with a great story! Bona Furtuna comes to us from Corleone. Biancolilla Centinaria is a rare tree and we are fortunate for their mission to bring back the treasures of Sicily.
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