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Hand processed and hand packed anchovies, placed in olive oil with hot red chili pepper and tomatoes. Use these spicy anchovies on pizza, pasta or in a panini. Add to Caesar’s Salad and puttanesca recipes.
Delightfully Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce from Anfosso in Liguria! This is a zesty combination with your favorite pasta shape.
If Spicy is your middle name, Bomba Pugliese is for you. This spicy “pulse” or spread adds zest wherever it is spooned. Ideas? Add to a pannini, stir a spoonful in pasta sauce, or add a spoonful in a dip.
You can make a famous Italian dish with this spice blend of chili pepper and garlic. The famous sauce is made with garlic, tomatoes, red chili, and olive oil. Keep this on hand for adding a dose of the devil to your favorite meals. Now on sale. Best by August 2020.
Flavorful crisp green olives from Abruzzo marinated with picante spices.The combination of olives and spicy chile peppers will exceed the expectations of spicy food lovers. Add this to your arsenal!
This is a spicy Quattrociocchi Pate di Pepperoncino or Cream of Chiles. Add this spicy pate to crostini or a pannini. Add zip to a sauce or soup. From the Quattrociocchi family in Lazio.
Processed and salted in accordance with ancient traditions and the 5-generation secret family recipe, that has only been shared orally! These anchovies are firm and meaty--and spicy-- in the iconic golden tin.
A slightly thinner spaghetti—is made with hot and sweet red pepper purées. Chile Pepper adds a dash of spice and a good deal of color to your meal.
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