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Da Vinci Code followers can travel through Italy seeking the holy grail in the form of crude – the finest extra virgin olives in Italy! The perfect gift—the treasure, three authentic oils from throughout Italy—in a gift box. Tuscany, Basilicata, and Sicily.
IGP Sicilia is the latest development from Frantoi Cutrera in Sicily. This is a lush blend of Biancollila and Nocellara del Belice olives, native to Sicily. It is medium fruity with notes of tomatoes and artichokes. The finish has lingering bitter and spicy notes.
A lovely selection of four Frantoio Franci Extra Virgin Olive Oils; Villa Magra Grand Cru, Moraiolo, Le Trebbiane, and Delicate. A great gift!
Legions of Ravida fans have been thrilled with this new selection featuring the fresh flavor of lemons dancing with Ravida's famous olive oil. From the well-regarded estate oil from Sicily.
Lazio. Fresh and vibrant with green notes. Produced north of Rome, closer to Tuscany and Umbria in the area of Tuscia. Fruity with medium pepper in the finish.
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