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Six great Italian producers have created Opera Olei. It is a set of six monocultivar olive oils, representing six regions of Italy. Opera Olei brings to market the Italian excellence crafted by six young producers. Boxed Set.
Lazio. Organic extra virgin, Quattrociocchi Olivastro, olive oil. Luscious monocultivar of Itrana olives. Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming in the World by Flos Olei. Farm of the Year 2018.
Lazio. Quattrociocchi Olivastra, organic extra virgin olive oil. Spectacular monocultivar of Itrana olives. Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Farming in the World by Flos Olei. As seen in The Wall Street Journal.
Truffle lovers will be thrilled to receive a gift box filled with truffle favorites: White Truffle Oil, 10% Truffle Salt, Truffle Sauce, and Acacia Truffle Honey!
Rosetta Constantino provides an authentic guide to the festive, mouthwatering sweets of Southern Italy and the traditions of Calabria, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, and Sicily.
Spedalotto Tondo DOP is an incredible sensory experience: sweet, fruity and harmonious. Made with the famous Tonda Iblea olives of the Monte Iblei region, the oil is bright greenish gold in color. Ideal for finishing a simple bowl of spaghetti with tomato and basil.
Elizabeth Minchilli is an expert on the culinary treasures of Italy. Here she combines menus and recipes with visual experience and inspiration--as well as insight into the traditions of the food and celebrations.
Tortellini at Midnight: And Other Heirloom Family Recipes from Taranto to Turin to Tuscany. Stunning photography and lovely recipes will enrich your soul. A beautiful gift.
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