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In the morning shadows of Mt. Etna, the little town of Bronte is the home to the best pistachios in the land. vibrant green pistachios are blended to a cream, ready to be used to elevate a breakfast or brunch onto toast, waffles or a good grainy oatmeal. New lower price.
From Il Colle del Gusto in Lazio, this divine spread blends famed Sicilian Pistacchios with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result is a luxurious taste and texture in a sweet and smooth spread. Recommended for breakfast, dessert, and any time! Sofi Winner!
Just another sweet delight from Sicily, Vincente’s Almond Cream. Toast, pastries, desserts, and ice cream are all enhanced with this sweet treat.
Another gem from Sicily, Vincente’s Hazelnut Cream. Also try Almond Cream and Pistachio Cream!
Another gem from Sicily, Vincente’s Pistachio Cream with DOP Bronte pistachios.
A triple sweet delight from Sicily, Vincente’s Almond Cream with Pistachio Cream with DOP Bronte pistachios, and Hazelnut Cream. Gift boxed.
Rich with pistachio nuts from Bronte in Sicily, this sauce or pesto is a delight on pasta. This is a clean slate and you can add cheese or sweet notes to your desire. A squeeze of lemon juice also enlivens this base. Basil and mint are the ideal herbs for this in Sicilian cuisine.
From Frantoi Cutrera's Segreti di Sicilia line, an emphatically spicy Sicilian Basil Pesto. Open this jar for an intense aroma of fresh basil. The texture is creamy and the crunchy almonds and pistachos give it a nice contrast.
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