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Italy's Finest Olive Oils

Olio2go ® - high quality Italian olive oil from the trusted source for this most important ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.

For Italian extra virgin olive oil, Olio2go is the leading source on the Internet. Our company offers a wide selection of high quality, guaranteed 100% extra virgin olive oil from producers you can trust for the best available. No blends of other products - just Italian extra virgin olive oil.

At Olio2go, we seek out the best quality products from all over Italy. While most consumers know olive oil, those who know fine olive oil would never buy just any oil.

Like fine wine, each variety of olive is unique, and therefore olive oil made from different varieties of olives tastes, smells, and looks different. Even the same varieties grown in different regions of Italy can have a different taste and aroma. Each Italian producer of fine olive oil takes care to select the very best olives and blends the oils from selected varieties in a way that makes his oil worthy of tasting. These are the olive oils we sell: from producers we trust, products made to high standards, and characteristics that are considered the very best in their category.

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