Map of Tuscany

Toscana,or Tuscany in English, is considered the classic olive oil region of Italy by many.  The oils of Lucca and the Chianti regions of Toscana are best known.

The oils produced in the area around Lucca, near the coast, tend to be yellow, light and fluid. In the Chianti region, near Siena in the heart of Toscana, the oils tend to be more green, and spicy with hints of artichoke and pepper.  Further south in the area around Montalcino, the oils tend to be deeper colors, more rustic, and more intense flavors.

We are thrilled to have Avignonesi again! Always a favorite, Avignonesi is produced in eastern Tuscany in the Chianti Classico area in the classic Tuscan style of olive oils. An impressive extra virgin olive oil and a terrific gift!

Long a favorite, the new harvest is here. Badia a Coltibuono's famous Tuscan olive oil, produced since 1058. Enjoy the full fruity flavor and distinctive peppery aftertaste of this classic Tuscan selection.

From the producer of the noted Laudemio, we present Castello di Poppiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Crafted on the family estate from Frantoio and Moriaolo olives -- a classic Tuscan blend.

A top award-winner with intense Tuscan flavor. This oil from Podere La Costa is bottled as Laudemio, an elite designation created by Tuscan growers following the devastating freeze in 1986. Very limited production.

Monti, from near Pisa, is a splendid blend of Razzo, Moriaolo, Leccino and Pendolino olives. This oil has been recommended by Tom Mueller, author of Extravirginity on his Great Olive Oils of the World page. Flos Olei 2014. Now shipping.

Fattoria di Monti Moraiolo, from near Pisa, is a monocultivar of Moraiolo olives. The oils of Fattoria di Monti are marvelous and we adore the protective packaging. Now Shipping! Flos Olei 2014.

Razzo, from near Pisa, is a monocultivar of Razzo olives. Recommended by Tom Mueller, author of Extravirginity on his Great Olive Oils of the World page. 2013 Finalist, Olio Capitale, Intensely Fruity! Now shipping!

An outstanding award winner, last year's oil won Best of Show, Best of Class, and a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Olives Oil Competition. BIOL, ExtraGold 2014. 500 ml.