Due Leoni Artist Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020

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  • Bottle Size:1 Liter
  • Certification:Organic
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region:Lazio
  • Rating: 95


This amazing design was developed especially for Olio2go. This Artist Edition appeals to us on so many levels. It evokes the best of Italian design, the crisp yet soft weaves of Italian fabrics, and certainly the crests and flags of medieval pageantry. The colors and the coat-of-arms are the heraldry of farm proprietor, Giuseppe Catalano di Meilli.

Best of all, it is a delicious blend of excellent extra virgin olive oil produced in the Sabine Hills, north of Rome.

Due Leoni is an organic olive oil born in one of the most ancient, but least-known areas of Italy: the Sabine hills near Rome. Magnificent natural scenery, archaeological sites, medieval fortresses and monasteries, are home to an olive oil already legendary in ancient Rome.

They use biological methods to cultivate 26 hectares of olive groves, divided between pastures, at 400 m. above sea level in the Sabine Hills north of Rome. In ancient times the region’s olive farmers supplied olive oil to the Eternal City.

The extra virgin olive oil, Due Leoni, is culled by hand from plants that thrive on rocky, gravelly soil, which nonetheless yields bountiful harvests. The predominant variety is the Carboncella, reputed for its slightly bitter and piquant taste. Resistant to picking, it is therefore hand-harvested on the steep slopes of a geological agglomerate of small pebbles, locally called sasso. Together with the varieties Frantoio and Leccino, also cultivated on the estate, it composes the traditional blend of this particular region. Milling takes place just a few hours after harvest at the nearby certified organic frantoio.

Due Leoni is harvested with the care of an artisanal product, in the best tradition of Italian agriculture, which spans millennia with its wisdom, spiritual, and health benefits.

Collaborations with international artists are curated by Cornelia Lauf; this spectacular tin was designed by Carlo Angelini.

When we asked for their favorite uses, Cornelia shared this: 

My own personal favorite is on toasted "lievito madre" bread, sprinkled with [flaky] salt.

Giuseppe likes to pour it on that same toasted bread, and then adds his own organic Sicilian orange blossom honey. It's a very Sicilian breakfast, even though the olive oil is Sabine.

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