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Marche Italian Olive Oil & Food

With the Appenine mountain range and Rome to the west and the Adriatic sea to the east, Marche is overflowing with Mediterranean agriculture and regional dishes. Olio2go proudly imports authentic Marche olive oils and other cuisine for Americans who want a taste of coastal Italy.

Marche cuisine is notable for its use of herbs gathered from the extremely fertile countryside. Basil, garlic, rosemary, and even lavender are infused directly into their olive oils and foods. They're also known for fine produce, truffles, and seafood. We supply both consumers and stores with the very best choices for their Marche Italian cooking.

Authentic Marche Cuisine

If you want to prepare local Marche meals such as Ascoli stuffed olives, Vincisgrassi pasta, or Crescia, we have what you need. We offer medium extra virgin olive oil that has been named Best in Class at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition. Olio del Carmine olive oil has notes of tomato leaf, fruit, almond, and fresh grass. Add it to a variety of handmade pastas such as classic linguine, Filotea egg pasta, and gluten-free fusilli.

Need a little something extra for your Marche-inspired meal? Shop for mixed olives, grilled artichoke halves, olive bruschetta, and sour cherries in syrup produced in Italy. We have Marche olive oil gift sets for fellow foodies plus multiple cookbooks with recipes and stores of the Adriatic region. New products are always being added to our collection, so check back often for genuine Mache fare at affordable prices.