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Map of Piemonte

Fine Piedmont Cuisine

Consumers, restaurants, and stores and order the best selection of authentic Piedmont foods and baking goods from Olio2go. The Piedmont region - also known as Piedmonte - encapsulates the tastes and culture of Northwest Italy. While generally not a producer of olive oil due to the colder climate, it is Italy's leading producer of rice, confections, white truffles, and coffee. Sitting on the border of France and Switzerland, Piemonte is also known for its red wines, and vermouth was invented in the region. From simple appetizers and snacks to extravagant multi-course meals, we have an ever-evolving collection to please your palates.

Northwestern Italian Foods & Recipes

We import directly from Piedmont so you receive genuine ingredients for your dishes. Create an assortment of soups and side dishes using Piemonte beans and legumes - including soup mixes that make preparation easy. Risotto mixes are also available for your kitchen or as a fun hostess gift. Choose traditional white rice or Lucedio Black Rice made by hybridizing local Piedmont grains with Chinese Forbidden Rice.

Pre-prepared Piemonte foods can be served as-is or added to a custom creation. Browse pine nuts in honey, dried mushrooms, and cheese condiment trays - not to mention sweet Northern Italian cookies. While you're here, pick up a copy of A Blissful Feast with recipes and tales from the Piedmont region. We regularly travel to Italy and work with producers to discover new items. Join us in exploring authentic Piedmont fare at the Olio2go blog. We ship from coast to coast with discounts on large quantities.