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Map of Val d'Aosta

The Food and Flavors of the Aosta Valley

Visit Olio2go for the latest Val d'Aosta cuisine and guidance to best experience this one-of-a-kind fare. Val d'Aosta, known in English as the Aosta Valley, is the smallest administrative region in Italy nestled between France, Switzerland, and the Piedmont region. This trio of influences, along with being tucked squarely in the Western Alps, give it a one-of-a-kind culture.

Due to the cold weather and mountainous terrain, olive trees and thus olive oil production are not found in the Aosta Valley. But there is still much to love about their cooking. They use hearty food and ingredients with an emphasis on simple preparation. Fontina cheese originated in the valley and has been made there since the 12th century. The Valle d'Aosta DOC vineyards are also recognized worldwide as their high elevation produces exclusive red and white wines.

Food Imported from Val d'Aosta

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