Collection: Infused Oils

Add a dash of extra flavor to your meals with infused oils from Olio2go. Our premium-quality extra virgin olive oils are available in a wide range of infused varieties to tantalize your taste buds. In addition to bringing creative cooking possibilities to your own kitchen, these Italian olive oils also make wonderful gifts for any home chef or restaurant kitchen. Learn more about our selection of infused olive oil options and get tips for how to use them to create more flavorful meals.

Infused Olive Oil Flavors

With so many great flavor options available, you're sure to find an infused olive oil to suit your palate. Herbaceous infusion flavors like basil, oregano and rosemary are especially popular. For a refreshing, bright citrus note, try olive oils infused with lemon, blood orange or tangerine. If you love savory richness, try garlic, porcini or truffle olive oil. We even have the spice of a pepperoncino olive oil for those who like to add a little extra heat.

Ways to Use Infused Oils

There are countless ways to use infused olive oils in your home cooking. These oils can bring a boost of flavor to your meals and sides, especially when used to roast, steam or grill meats and vegetables. Grab a bottle of lemon olive oil to bring a fresh citrus flavor to a homemade salad dressing, or drizzle an infused truffle olive oil over a bowl of hot soup for a bit of added richness and umami. Some people even love the savory and sweet combination of a light drizzle of infused olive oil on vanilla ice cream! Get creative and experiment with infused oils and other gourmet food products from Olio2go.