Collection: Tuscany

Map of Tuscany

Imagine yourself whisked away to one of the beautiful regions of Italy when you enjoy these Tuscan olive oils and gourmet foods from Olio2go. Some of the best olive oils in the world come from Tuscany, known in Italy as Toscana. The extra virgin olive oil from this area is incredibly flavorful, and the quality from cold-pressed production processes is unmatched. Tuscany olive oils are a must-have for any serious foodie or lover of Italian food.

The Best Tuscan Olive Oils

Among the many types of olive oil in Italy, many people prefer those that are produced in Tuscany. Olive oils from the region can vary in flavor profile based on where they originate. For example, the coastal areas produce lighter varieties with a yellow hue, while the central Chianti region produces oils with spicy notes of pepper and artichoke and a greenish tint. In southern Tuscany near Montalcino, extra virgin olive oils have more intense, rustic flavors and deeper colors.

Discover Fantastic Flavors

When shopping for authentic Italian olive oils, you simply can't go wrong with one of these products from Tuscany. Each olive oil in our collection features a detailed description, so you can find out where it comes from and what type of flavor notes you can expect. In addition to some of the best olive oils from Italy, be sure to browse this collection for other amazing gourmet finds from Tuscany, including sour mustard, artichoke cream, Italian sea salt and biscotti.