Collection: Sale Items

Discover great discounts on tasty items for your pantry in this sale collection at Olio2go. This is your chance to score some amazing deals on high-quality, authentic Italian ingredients. You'll find rare and hard-to-find products imported from Italy when you browse through this appetizing selection.

As our extra virgin olive oils approach their best by dates, we put them on sale. First, we taste them to ensure their quality. They present excellent valyes. You'll also enjoy great deals on other "dated" products.

Don't miss the opportunity to get Italian extra virgin olive oils on sale. Bottled fresh by some of the most respected producers in Italy, you'll find that the quality and flavor from these olive oils is wildly superior to the typical products found in your local supermarket. Our sale selection at Olio2go also has delicious Italian ingredients to stock in your kitchen or pantry, including seasonings, condiments, and more. New items are frequently added, so check back regularly to find out what's on sale this week and open new culinary possibilities in your home cooking.

These are final sale.