Collection: Sardinia

Map of Sardinia

Experience the exquisite flavors of Sardinia with authentic Italian ingredients from Olio2go. This selection of products is sourced directly from the island region, ensuring the freshest flavors to add a kick to any meal. If you're looking to create unique Italian meals at home, browse through these tasty options to get inspired by the local cuisine of Sardinia.

Sardinian Olive Oil

Thanks to its island location off the western coast, Sardinia features local ingredients and flavors are unlike any other in Italy. Situated in the Mediterranean and surrounded by turquoise waters, Sardinia has a climate that's perfect for olives. Lush groves are scattered across the hilly regions of the island, many of which are located among archeological remains dating back to 1700 BCE. The extra virgin olive oils from Sardinia perfectly complement a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine, particularly roasted meat and fresh vegetables. Of course, the island location also makes Sardinian olive oils a lovely addition to just about any type of seafood.

Inspired Mediterranean Meals

At Olio2go, we make it easy to order olive oil from Italy from some of the best small-batch producers across all 20 regions of the country, including Sardinia. Browse through our complete collection of Sardinian products to find not only genuine olive oils from this region, but also ingredients such as fregula sarda, a traditional toasted durum wheat pasta. Our collection also includes cookbooks with authentic Sardinian recipes, giving you greater insight to the local cuisine of the region and guiding you in creating your own authentic Italian meals at home.