Collection: Sweet Pantry

Discover the dolce side of Italy with sweet pantry staples from Olio2go. This selection features a wide range of tantalizing treats that can be incorporated into a wide range of appetizers, meals, and desserts. From condiments and spreads to chocolate goodies, you'll find special treat to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Dig in to these authentic Italian flavors while indulging in something delectable and delicious.

Creative Culinary Possibilities

If you've already perused the olive oil pantry at Olio2go, you know that we work exclusively with Italian vendors who use only the finest ingredients. Try out new baking recipes with flavored honeys and syrups that are packed with rich, bold flavors. Add delicious marmalades, preserves, and jams to your charcuterie or brunch spreads to impress your guests at home. Treat yourself to biscotti made with chocolate or nuts when you need a little sweet pick-me-up during the day. These delicious ingredients allow you to explore new and exciting flavor combinations right in your very own kitchen.

Authentic Italian Sweets

The products in our sweet pantry are no exception, and you'll find tasty treats from a variety of Italian regions when you browse through this collection. Whether you want to try biscotti from Tuscany or Florence, pistachio cream from Sicily, or artisanal honey from nomadic beekeeping in Emilia-Romagna, you'll feel transported when you indulge in these sweet pantry staples. Choose from a wide range of authentic Italian ingredients when you shop at Olio2go, including these sweet treats as well as our savory ingredients and condiments.