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Italian Olive Oils by Region

Use our Olive Oil Shop by Italian Region tool to find the ideal pairings for any Mediterranean-inspired meal, appetizer, or dessert. Click on the "Shopping" header above and then look for the Shop by Region list. We'll take you to all the extra virgin olive oils we carry which are grown and pressed there. You'll also see everything else that Olio2go offers from that area, including balsamic vinegar, seasoning, pantry goods, pasta, grains, and gift sets. Track down the exact item you were looking for or spend time browsing and discovering cuisine you may never have known existed.

Unique Imported Olive Oils

The olive oil of each Italian region is distinct and influenced by the topography, climate, and other things grown in that area. For example, Tuscany extra virgin olive oil has a more peppery and spicy bite with some bitter notes. Meanwhile, the Hyblean Mountains (Monti Iblei) in Southeastern Sicily are bursting with flavor and often have a well-rounded fruity essence. In Trentino-Alto Adige, the only area suitable for growing olive trees is around Lake Garda, and the oil produced has a lighter flavor and color than in other areas.

These are just a few examples of how olive oils can vary - and each impacts your salads, pastas, stuffed peppers, cakes, and other creations differently. To learn more, visit the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Buyers Guide, read our Olive Oil FAQs, or call Olio2go toll-free. We're happy to impart our knowledge so you can purchase the perfect authentic regional olive oil.