Collection: Umbria

Map of Umbria

Pack your pantry with incredibly flavorful and high-quality ingredients from the region of Umbria, which is known as the green heart of Italy. At Olio2go, you'll find authentic Italian products from all over the country. Umbria is the source of some of the best olive oils from Italy. In addition, there are a number of other locally made products that can add flavor and dimension to your own culinary creations. Learn more about this region and what makes Umbrian olive oil such a popular choice for home cooks.

Umbria Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oils from Umbria, Italy are some of the finest in the country. Located right in the center of Italy between Florence, Tuscany and Marche, Umbria features a hilly terrain and a moderate climate that encourages the growth of lush olive groves. The Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Agogia, and Raggiola varieties are the most common olives grown here, and the oils often feature a fruity flavor a lot of body. Common flavor profile notes include artichoke and green tomato, and some have a peppery hint similar to many Tuscan olive oils.

Local Umbrian Ingredients

At Olio2go, we've partnered with the very best olive oil brands in Umbria to ensure that our customers can experience the exquisite flavors that come from this region of the country. In addition to these Italian olive oils, you'll find a selection of other Umbria ingredients that can be used to create authentic dishes at home. Shop now to discover the best flavors of Umbria online.