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Molise Italian Cookbooks & Foods

Italy's newest administrative region may be small in size, but it's big on food culture - and you can enjoy it in your home with Molise olive oil and fine baking goods. Molise was created in 1970 and was previously part of Abruzzo. As such, its food shares many characteristics of this and other areas along the Adriatic coast - but Molise stands apart thanks primarily to the region's aromatic herbs and flavorful vegetables.

Other features of Molise cuisine are spicy salami, local cheeses, and the use of truffle shavings in pasta sauce. Finally, the mountainous inland countryside produces several excellent olive oils to use for everything from zuppa di cardi soup to ciambelline ring cakes.

Recipes & Foods of Molise

Olio2go is regularly adding new Molise olive oils along with pastas, seasonings, pantry items, and gifts to our catalog. These foods are imported directly from Italian producers. If you run a regional food store or want to stock up, we offer savings for bulk orders. Call us at 1-866-Olio2Go or send an email to get started.

We also carry Molise cookbooks filled with authentic recipes from the Italian South and Adriatic Coast. They double as food travelogues that explore the history and culture of these dishes complete with appetizing color photographs. By understanding the stories behind Molise food traditions, you'll appreciate and enjoy them even more.

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