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Basilicata Olive Oils & Pantry Items

Infuse any meal with the traditional one-of-a-kind flavor of olive oil from Basilicata. This Southern Italian region, which is known historically as Lucania, has an intricate geography that has laid the groundwork for its culture and cuisine. Much of Basilicata makes up the Southern Apennine Mountain terrains, which has made it more rural than other provinces. But it also has two coastlines: the main coast on the Ionian Sea and a short strip along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

This layout has led to Basilicata food that is bold and lively using a great assortment of flavorful pastas, cured meats, cheeses, legumes, and produce. The vibrant taste extends to their award-winning olive oils. We import fine Lucania olive oil for American customers to experience its rustic beauty.

Exquisite Olive Oil

Olio2go works with small producers and single estates to offer the best combinations for any kitchen. Dievole 100% Italiano olive oil blend has won the gold medal at multiple showings, including the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. We also proudly carry the powerful Titolio Olive Oil by Elena Fucci plus seasonal olive oil blends and gift sets.

Many other items are in stock as well to make your own Basilicata cucina povera. Browse our selection of Southern Italian dried pasta, organic lentils, strained tomatoes, chickpeas, and other delectable goods. Use multiple cookbooks to learn how to make Southern Italian entrees and desserts. We have bulk pricing and flat rate shipping on qualifying orders so consumers, retailers, and restaurants can afford the finest Basilicata cooking.